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Introducing the 2014 Edition of:

The Complete Guide to LIMS & Laboratory Informatics

The Laboratory Informatics Institute is pleased to announce the 2014 release of the new, Complete Guide to LIMS and Laboratory Informatics.   This reference guide is unique in the LIMS industry by providing a side-by-side comparison of the most popular LIMS products on the market along with complete pricing information and now, we have provided links to demonstrations of the various listed products.  Also, we have updated the guide to be completely available on-line and kept up-to-date daily as new information becomes available along with critical information you need to help you document your LIMS requirements.

Compare the top LIMS products - The LIMS Book is different from any other LIMS guide that has ever come before, in that it includes pricing!  For the first time you have real information as well as pricing so you can quickly move to pursue only the vendors and products that make sense for you and your lab. For far too long LIMS vendors have played the “If you have to ask you can’t afford it” game, but times have changed. The trend is toward open information. That means prices have to go down as LIMS become commodities that labs can compare in “apples to apples” fashion. And the Laboratory Informatics Institute, Inc. is right in the forefront of that trend, so ANY lab, regardless of size or type, can have a LIMS.

This guide provides comparisons and prices and demos for the industry's top LIMS vendors with more being added all the time.  All information about these companies and products came from available public sources on the web such as the GSA (the federal General Services Administration) or directly from the LIMS vendor. 

The LIMS Book will save you dozens of hours trying to find information and build a comparison of products and companies and defining your requirements. 

New chapters added on Regulatory Compliance and User Requirements - The new guide provides tons of great information and educational material that will help you in learning more about LIMS and other Lab Informatics applications such as LIS, ELN, SDMS and CDMS.

Sign-up for the LIMS Book using the form to the right and you will be emailed the link to download the free eBook PDF version and a link where you can purchase the print edition of the book.

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