• A strategic partnership in Laboratory, Scientific & Health Informatics

    The Laboratory Informatics Institute and LabLynx have partnered together along with other industry stakeholders to form an Open Access publishing and Social Media Network that provides unique benefits not only to all LabLynx clients but all of the professionals, vendors, consultants and institutions that make up the laboratory, scientific and healthcare industries.

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    In the LabLynx Community Network, it’s about you, not us. We’re here to help laboratory informatics, medical, and scientific professionals collaborate with peers, discuss ideas, exchange information, innovate, and create a better community. We exist as a partnership between LabLynx and the Laboratory Informatics Institute. We encourage our members to openly network and to provide for industrial improvement through open source, open courseware, and open access opportunities.  

    Our mission is to create a community where our members experience synergy, because when we openly collaborate, we as a community are better than the sum of our parts.

    We measure success by the number of members we’ve touched. The hub of this network is LIMSForum and it is designed for the professional seeking to improve their profile within the industry, give back to the community you love, or are just starting out and need to find mentoring on your journey.

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