Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

A natural consequence of the advent of the internet, cloud computing is essentially the process of using web-based computers to process information, with users needing only a browser to do their business. After initial concerns about storing valuable data offsite were addressed using purpose-built cloud infrastructures that concentrated on data protection and security, it became apparent that such infrastructures actually made data safer than many self-hosted IT networks. Today, more than 60 percent of businesses are at least experimenting with cloud, with 13 percent already professing complete confidence for mission-critical applications.

As early as 1996, when LabLynx developed the world's first web browser-based laboratory information management system (LIMS), the future implications of the internet began to take shape. We envisioned a world where if computers could talk with each other over a global network, surely web software and services could be rendered in a similar way. And then the cloud-hosted industry was born. As such, we've long been poised for when cloud technology became sufficient and businesses began to see its value.

The value of cloud hosting and computing can be found in its various aspects.

  1. Cloud hosting lends to scalability. It allows a business to easily expand (and contract) operations to suit conditions, particularly when it doesn't own its own servers, employ IT infrastructure personnel, etc. The business can operate leaner and more efficiently, even in the face of unfavorable circumstances or difficult economic environments.
  2. Cloud computing improves coordination and collaboration. When data are in the cloud, they can be accessed simultaneously from anywhere. Versions of files are easily controlled, and timestamps are consistent. Additionally, cloud-hosted content has geographic relevance. Increasingly, companies minimize time and costs of commuting and traveling by working from home and/or communicating via Skype, GoTo Meeting, or similar video-conferencing programs. The cloud supports this since apps are available any time, from anywhere. Cloud computing also provides the potential for cost savings. Traditionally, maintaining a complex IT network has been a significant and costly task for any business, leaving smaller organizations at a disadvantage. With the cloud, economies of scale mean that any size lab, agency, or project can enjoy the benefits of the latest technology without the overhead.
  3. The cloud lends to smooth operations. With built-in redundancy, fail-over, updates, and backups, operations are rarely disrupted, and that means greater productivity.



LabLynx hosts our clients in the purpose-built, reliable, and secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Hosting Infrastructure, using a state-of-the-art data center network that is SSAE 16 SOC 2-certified. Only the finest hardware, software, and configuration practices are employed, ensuring first-class performance, security, and reliability, with a full 100% uptime guarantee. That means that no matter where you, your workforce, or collaborators are, all needs are met with appropriate local time zones and optimal performance, all with full application access control and relevant data protection and security. This provides a world-class platform for delivery of software as a service (SaaS) applications, including a wide variety of laboratory informatics and business management solutions.

Features include comprehensive redundancy, failover, data backup and protection, and SSL security and encryption. Database backups are taken hourly, and entire backups are performed daily and stored in a geographically distant second data center. In short, no one offers better reliability, data security, and protection than LabLynx. Additionally, many of our customers require HIPAA, CLIA, 21 CFR Part 11, or other regulatory compliance, and the LabLynx Cloud Hosting infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform delivers that and more.

And when your solution is hosted by us, you never need to worry about maintenance or IT. As long as you can get onto the internet, you can get to your applications. And you can rest assured they are always up-to-date, always supported and always available. And if you need access to the back end of the database directly, no problem. Just ask for the Private Cloud dedicated server option.

If you like our LabLynx solution but really need it to be hosted in-house, that's fine too. Our purchased perpetual licensing edition provides the option to host on your own servers.

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